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The Hardest Hits Of Guns ‘N’ Roses

Guns n’ Roses was a band which should have had many more hits than they did. From Axl’s driving vocals, to Slash’s virtuosity, they revolutionized hard rock. By bridging the gap between blues-driven rock such as Aerosmith and heavier metal such as Metallica, they forged a sound that was raw, passionate, and talented. As we [...]

Who Is The Greatest American Guitar Hero?

Hands down the greatest American guitar hero is none other than Mr. Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was also one of the biggest musical icon of the 1960s. Many guitar players before him experimented with distortion and feedback, but Hendrix turned those effects into a new language, one that he was very fluent in. Although Hendrix’s [...]

Heavy Metal Thunder: Best American Hard Rockers

Deciding on the best American hard rock bands is certainly not easy. Of course, when looking only at American bands, you do at least cut out a lot of great bands from other nations such as Deep Purple and AC/DC. Still, you are left with a huge number of great bands to choose from. The [...]

The Allman Brothers And The Southern Rock Sound

The southern rock sound is as distinctive as the sound of California rock. With just a hint of twang in both the music and lyrics southern rock gives the rest of the world a glimpse of how southerners think and feel. The Allman brothers are one of the best in southern rock and their roots [...]